Art Specifications

We offer a comprehensive design service. Our designers can assist with your designs that will ensure you get a finished product that is truly impressive. Let us know if you are in need of design or if you are supplying artwork, below are specifications for how to supply press-ready artwork.

  • Files must be supplied as ‘Press Ready’ pdf. Other file types cannot be guaranteed. Ask if you are unsure of how to supply your artwork.

  • Your document size must be the finished size plus the appropriate bleed. The amount is determined by the type of print job and is available upon request.

  • Please do not use borders that are designed to create an even margin around the document. A trimming tolerance of +/-1.5mm must be allowed for.

  • Ensure colours are CMYK. PMS and RGB colours are automatically converted and will generally produce undesirable results. Variations in colour between print runs can be due to atmospheric conditions and varying stock properties.

  • Images should be CMYK at 300dpi minimum for the intended final size of the image.

  • Please be aware of the “Total Ink Cover” you intend using in your design. Heavy ink coverage will reduce turn around time as the job will need to cure prior to trimming. Maximum ink density recommended is 250% for Uncoated Stock and 300% for Coated Stock.

  • To ensure a nice rich black use the following values: C 20%, M 10%, Y 10% K 100%.

  • Always supply artwork 1 up only. Imposition will be done by us. In the case of booklets or magazines, please supply as single page PDF document, not spreads.

  • Please convert text to outlines, curves or paths where possible. Do not use rich black for body text. Use 100% black only. Please set black text to ‘overprint’.

  • Watermarks or images used for similar purposes, should not be set at less than 8% ink coverage.

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