Business Cards

Business cards are quite often the first thing a potential customer looks at when they are thinking about using your services or buying your products.

That’s why a business card with your logo printed on it can be such a vital business marketing tool and it is still important today as it ever was.

Whether you’re handing it to a person to make sure they remember you, putting them in your local area letter boxes or even leaving a few under windscreens they are always great to have around to let people know who you are and what you do.

What sizes do our Business Cards come in?

In reality we can sort out whatever you are looking for in a business card. There are so many different variations of business cards around that it can get quite confusing.

So what we like to do, so we don’t confuse you too much is give you the basic types below with their sizes, thickness and the finish.

And remember if you are looking for new business card design or just want an upgrade from what you have, we can take care of that for you too.

Here are the Business Card sizes for you:

Standard Business Cards
Printed on 310gsm Artboard
Standard Business Card Size 90 x 54mm
Full Colour Single or Double sided

Deluxe Business Cards Matt or Gloss Cello
Printed on 420gsm Artboard
Deluxe Business Card Size 90 x 54mm
Full Colour Single or Double sided

Deluxe Slimline
Printed on 420gsm
Deluxe Slimline Business Card Size 90 x 45mm
Full Colour Front and Back
Gloss or Matt Cello Glaze both sides

Also available for you in Gloss or Matt
Die Cut Business Cards
Plastic Business Cards
Linen Business Cards
Buffalo Business Cards

Our cards are also UV cured, so there’s no rubbing off of the ink, so this means they last longer for you.

If you need any assistance with what type would be best, or help with a design, contact us below.

Where to now?

As there are different options available and specific artwork specifications required, it is best to contact us to discuss further.
Contact us to discuss your options or request a quote.

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