Wobblers (Dye-cut)

Wobblers are a key point of sale display marketing tool used to catch the eye of the customer. Wobblers come in a variety of shapes and sizes but in general they are attached to shelving by wobbler arms with a small promotion ‘wobbling’ on the other end.

Wobblers consist of two parts: the wobbler arm and the promotion. Custom printed wobblers can be die cut to the required shape and printed with a small promotional ad, a products branding or with an offer.

Shelf wobblers (also known as danglers) are used to catch the attention of the customer. Lines and lines of shelved products can be very dull; breaking up the space with shelf posters brings a bit of colour and variety to retail display.

Wobblers tend to draw attention to particular offers or sale items. They can also highlight new products. Changing wobblers around as you change your store’s offers is essential. You will have noticed that things are always moving around in your local supermarket.

There are several good reasons for this:
Change keeps the customer engaged. If they have to look for a product, on the way they will pass others that they might not have bought otherwise. Change enables the supermarket to promote current offers & products. Wobblers are an economic way to bring change to a retail space as they are fairly cost affect and take little time to put in place. They are also simple but engaging pieces of visual marketing.

The reason why wobblers are so effective is that they bring movement to an otherwise static shelf. This movement is what draws the attention of the customer to that particular product. It can be the difference that causes a customer to buy a more expensive branded product rather than a cheaper alternative.

Another area where wobblers are beneficial is at point of purchase. This is actually a very valuable space because the customer is stationary, waiting to be served and trying to think of things that they have forgotten to buy. Making it the perfect moment to remind them of something they need. In fact 70% of buying decisions are made while waiting at the point of sale.
Therefore it is definitely worth while investing in catching the eye of your customers in this space.


  • T-shaped wobblers – with adhesive on one end, the other fits into the pricing strip on the shelf
  • Straight wobbler arms – adhesive at both ends, varying sizes available
  • Sticky Shelf Talkers – adhesive at top only, varying sizes available

Wobblers are very easy to apply. They usually attach to the pricing strip or the shelf edge. Just peel back the paper, place the wobbler and apply pressure. If you are purchasing wobbler arms you will need to also stick the promotion to the other end of the arm. If your wobblers are custom printed the promotion will already be adhered.

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